Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Stash Bust has begun

and yet I have no pictures for you.

I know it seems I have been a lazy sod, because 2 weeks into stash bust and I am yet to bust anything - but realisitically there have been reasons, kind of.

Firstly I am waiting on the new machine, because well it excites me and my first project requires button holes. Secondly motivation has been at an all time low. Primerally because I am in a down phase and there has been a lot of personal life getting in the way of sewing time, birthdays, events, parties.

I have yet to take a photo of cloth mountain but hopefully will get that out of the way by this weekend, and also get a photo of anges stash, which by comparison I think we could call cloth molehill.

So it would seem that with my shiney new birthday bike, I have forgotten all about sewing but it is not true. I have gone through and sorted out all my patterns into 4 catagories:
  • Not stash bustable - for patterns where I have a clear indication of the fabric I want but do not have that fabric available in my stash. Also in this catagory is anything that would take too much time, for example all those super cute size 12's with the 30" bust that would take FOREVER to resize and require trials.

  • Totally Bustable - for patterns that are in my size, have the right material in mind and in the stash.

  • Bustable if I see the right fabric - The mountain is so great that from where I stand the summut is out of view. Hence these patterns are in the right size, but I have no idea if I have the material for them, it is however likely that I will find something in the long forgottern mound of cloth.

  • Bustable but time consuming - Patterns of a smaller size, say a 34" that will require a resize but not too drastically, and that I have the right idea for material that I can use on them.

I have chosen the first outfit to be busted - I have traced it, and cut most of it out of the fashion fabric. I will do a post on it individually probebly tomorrow because then I can do the photo stuff tonight and have images, which I am sure you agree make a post so much more interesting.

On that note I have a montage I put together of all the stuff I am waiting on from Etsy - my last ditch purchase before the ban kicked in.

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