Monday, July 26, 2010

Just a catch up

The Leprecaurn outfit for my 28th Birthday party was a success, a rushed success, but a success none the less. The pattern is really simple and flattering and I totally suggest it to anyone who wants to make a fun/funky costume. The skirt is even a decent length. I actually like the jacket so much I am thinking of making one for wearing not as a costume, it really is cute with a semi victorian feel to it. I will get photos up here eventually but it may take a while for my dear hubbie to get them onto a computer where I can then steal them and reproduce them onto this blog.

I did clean up on my birthday it appears, besides the over budget bike that I was allowed to buy, I got a load of harry potter stuff (because yes I am a sad HP freak - last year I had a harry party, where we watched the Half Blood Prince from a booked out gold class movie theatre) I have attached a photo just so you can see how much of a freak I am for HP, this is me, Ange and the wonderful Stacey representing 3 houses in thier 1950's uniform.

The Pattern we used was one that is free to download off the internet (ask ange, I have no idea where) but unfortunatly needed loads of grading for myself and Stacey, but I think we go there in the end, though the lord knows I could do with about 2 inches more space in the belly area.... oh well dress isn't going to grow so I will have to shrink.

Now where was I - oh yes my birthday haul, and most specifically how does it relate to sewing at all. Well the wonderful, fantastic Ange has taken the hat round and gathered enough $$$ from my almost as awesome as ange friends to be able to get me a new sewing machine.

I have decided on the NS10 which is seemingly a low end computerised machine put out by Brother. I have a brother overlocker and it has been fairly reliable so thats a plus and it does one step buttonholes which is well absolutely positivley necessary for me. I can't have Ange doing my button holes for the rest of my life.

Which also brings me to why I need a new machine. Well I think my work could really benefit from it. The machine have is really basic, I picked it up new (on sale) for about $120AUD 7 or so years ago when I decided I wanted to give this sewing thing a go. It has been very faithful to me as it is the machine I learnt on by trial and error and still goes strong. But about 2 years ago it got into a fight with my heater - the heater won, the tray at the front that holds the bits and bobs of the machine warped and will no longer slide on. As such for 2 years I have been sewing everything on the space you use to sew a sleeve hem. Rather annoying really.

Also no longer creeping up on us is our stash busting challange - to come soon, images of cloth mountain as it stands today before the mining begins.

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