Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Charity Mud Run - Not a Sewing Post

I know this post goes against the mandate of this blog but it is all for a good cause.

My husband and I and a couple of our friends are doing what is called a mud run. A 5km course with obstacles and mud. The Run is an event set up to raise money for the Cancer Council Australia who fund cancer research across a broad range of cancers (ie not specific to any type of cancer).

As part of this we have set up a site where people can donate funds to the Cancer Council (best of all it goes straight to them without me having to do anything much). So if you can and want to please donate. Pay pal and credit card facilities are available on the site and I believe all donations are in Australian Dollars.

Thanks Champs

Monday, November 1, 2010

The end of the Stash bust - and Sewing Mojo

And thinking back on what I have learnt, the answer is that my stash is more powerful than me. Whilst I did not add to the stash (not even to complement or line or match to a stash item) I did not get through much at all.

Though I guess it does depend on what your opinion on "much" is. I did sew over 36m of material though to look at the stash you would never guess it. The list and results is as follows with the good news that my husband is booked in to take photo's of all my outfits on Thursday night. So I will post photos then.

1. The 1940's outfit - as previously posted about this outfit looks great, on my dress form, apparently by but is too big for the skirt but we are working on that :) (the butt not the skirt).

2. The pretty dress - having officially broken the zipper thrice and the second break being unfixable I have decided to replace the invisible zip with a normal zip in the hopes that helps it do up easier. In any case the dress is nice but likely to get gifted to ange as it doesn't seem to fit me right but we will see post zip change.

3. The pretty dress petticoat - I have no idea how I resized the pattern to fit me, made a trial that fits me and somehow ended up with a waist that wouldn't fit a barbie doll. I am annoyed cause this took so much time trying to fix - but it won't fit me not ever. This dress is probebly going in the bin unless I can find someone with a 36" 26" frame.

4. The onsie and skirt - already blogged and I feel a success.

6. The Sailor Halter - marvelous success and already blogged

7. The blue crepe dress - I asked for opinions and I made the dress, I LOVE it and will blog about it soon.

8. The Hippy house dress - a 70's pattern modified slightly (to fit my butt and to lengthen) which I can't get a bra under and thus will have the sole purpose of beach cover up or house dress. It is very comfy though for our hot summers. A minor success but what a breeze of a pattern - more to come.

9. The Christmas Dress - my last night last ditch effort burning through a wopping 2.5m It still requires some buttons but otherwise this dress is great (but a little small)

So does anyone else see the pattern forming here. I always sew things a little to small, or cut them a little to small. In the case of number 8 though I do maintain that the proportions of the dress were wrong, I mean it was the right bust size. I could I guess start making more of a concerned effort to understand that I am NOT as small as I would like but on the other hand, if everything I made fit I would be up to my eyeballs in made clothes.

Also this month another awesome thing occurred, I got shelving for my stuff which I will photograph when the clean up is done.

So somewhere mid point in the stash bust both Ange and I lost our mojo. I regained mine with the help of a friend and a sewing day on Saturday but I think Ange is to busy planning a trip to the US to care - perhaps when she gets back.

I think mine disappeared sometime around the pretty dress is screwing with me round 3. I often just wait for it to return but wonder if anyone has some mojo building advice.