Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cloth Mountain

I had wanted to take one photo of the mountain, to pull out all the material and pile it high on top of each other creating an edifice for all of internet land to admire, but it would have taken to long to set it up and FAR FAR to long to take it back down and put it all away. Of cause part of that would be that once done I would lose interest in the project, redering it doable at another time and thus annoying the husband no end.

So alas here is the images I have taken of the cloth mountain. Rest assured the blacket box there is so full that it is broken from the force of material pressing both above and below, with all the material in it neatly folded and stacked, the piles on the top also neatly folded and stacked, the black box full, looks roughly shoved in but under the top layer of materials I have recently used is also neat folded and stacked, as is to the side of hte box near the wardrobe.

so as you can see I do have quite a bit to get through, I am thinking I will need several more months than what has been allocated if I am to truely stash bust, though I am thinking of selling some of the stash if I can't bust it.

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