Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Where have you been???

So its been a while right.  Well in the time I have been gone I have had a baby (he is now 1) and well not much else of note.  In any case I want to get back into this blog and into sewing in general so here goes the plans for the future.

I have been cleaning out my sewing stuff, including a cull of stash mountain which since last documented has grown even bigger (I think there was somewhere near 400litres of fabric).  I have sorted it into various categories – fabric I am going to give away, fabric I am going to store, fabric that has projects assigned to it and UFO’s.  Quite embarrassingly there are UFO’s that require nothing more than a hem done and have still been sitting around forever (and that is almost literal).

Like a 1960’s tunic/Dress in black velveteen (not a cheap choice) <> which requires me to hem both the dress and lining and that is it.  

Or a 1940’s Skanties which need a waistband

Or (the oldest of my UFO’s at about 8 years) which is all the pieces cut out and overlocked and ready to put together as a petticoat.

My plan is to work on my Major project which is a costume, and I will explain in further detail in my next post.  At the same time I will be working on clearing UFO’s one at a time and interspersing some wearable fashion projects into the mix.  I hope to have the UFO box and assigned project box cleared by the end of the year.  Though it is possible the assigned project box may grow as I realise things that I may like to make with material I already have.  Outside of the Major Project I am calling it – NO MORE FABRIC PURCHASES.  I just don’t have the space.

Anyway this post is really just a boring one to check in and advise you (which at this stage is me) of what is happening in my sewing world and moving forward.  Now onto the big reveal post what is this major project and how major is it.

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