Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Real Life is a Total Time Suck

I know it has been ages since I posted and as the title suggests it is because real life is a time suck.  Since last checking in I have completed two terms of full time uni and full time work and moved back in with my mother.  I have also learnt how to knit (photos to come).

With all that going on there has been little progress in the sewing world.  I have completed the mountain of skirts - to which I now have a husband complaining that I have to many skirts and should make some dresses (honestly he should make up his mind).  Most of my stuff in in storage but that's ok cause I am still trying to get thin enough to fit back into them.  (Worst dieter EVER).  I am also planning my trip to Egypt/Jordan in a few weeks which will be fantastic.

I did manage to make a dress for my friends wedding (photos and post later this week) but mostly all that what I have managed is to purchase more material (that I probably didn't need) and more patterns (that I certainly didn't need).  I am coming to the point where now I need to honestly consider - should I sell off the patterns I don't think I will use?  Then I get that other thought... as soon as one is sold then I will want to make it.  The old adage about having cake and eating it too comes to mind.  I never really understood that one - what good is cake if I can't eat it.  I probably should resell and share the love but I love them all so much (at least I do when it comes to sale thoughts).

In order to get a better handle on sewing I have come up with the idea I am going to try and complete one major sewing project every month.  A pre-planned extravaganza of awesome sewing with no corner cutting allowed. 

Before the trip I may put together some random skits and things like that but once I am back it is all on.  I will post my calendar of sewing projects in a week or so when I have finalised the plans (all subject to change of cause).

Anyway I have 13 weeks off uni so hopefully I can get at least a few posts in here, even with the month away.

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