Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good V Evil - My Birthday Party costume

So all the vintage sewing needs to be put on hold for a bit whilst I return to my roots and create a costume for my Good v Evil themed birthday party at the end of the month.

I toyed with buying, rehashing and renting a costume but as always I return to the place of I want to make it to save a buck. It really is a horrible indication of society when I can make a costume cheaper than I can rent one, or even buy one of those cheap 3 strips of cloth legs avenue slutty costumes. You know the ones that barely cover the butt cheeks, look great on the leggy model in the advertisement but somehow make every normal person look like a sausage dressed for some raunchy bedroom roleplay.

Simply put I love those naughty but nice costumes, I want them all, but I don't have that lean svelt figure, and haven't done for about 5 years, so I am going to make a costume similar but more on the modest line, you know drop the skirt a couple of inches, and make sure that it fits my odd dimentions.

So I have decided that I will be going as a leprecaurn, thats right a slutty one. Simplicty has regailed me with two choices of pattern and to be honest I am leaning towards the this one.

I like the vest bit, and I have a green velveteen at home that I have had for AGES that I can make the coat out of, get some gold glittery/sequiney stuff for the vest, and the White cotton I have for the dress and then maybe I could do a black or green overskirt (so the dress worked kind of like a petticoat) and a bow tie, plus of cause the hat - I think small top hat.

I should be done in a week so I will let you know how it goes.


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