Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Fabric - Two Patterns

Long time back, Spotlight had a sale on lots of fabric. I managed to pick up this brilliant blue Micro crepe and I think it cost $3/m which is a huge bargin.

I bought it because it was cheap and it went into the stash for a short time - then I purchased this repro vogue pattern and decided that they were a pair.

The blue looks a lot darker in this picture than it is in actuality.

As with so many of my projects this one got shelved for more fun stuff, less work ready and more interesting in details. Also this dress looked HARD, since then a friend of mine has made it and assures me it is not too hard at all and for a wrap dress does an excellent job of staying shut.

Anyway then I bought a huge batch of actual vintage patterns off Etsy, one of which was this one. I love the soft femininity of this, and thought I could see it with a pretty red belt and my red and white shoes.

The problem is that I only have about 5m of this fabric and I doubt I can do both.

The colour is closer to the second picture but not as bright, kind of between the two I guess. The lighting in my lounge where they were taken is kind of yellow so all fabrics come out funny coloured in my pictures.

So what do you think, which pattern should win the right to my awesome crepe?


  1. Hi Hef, if the fabric is quite drapey I would go for the second pattern. I used the top pattern for my wedding dress, but is does need a fabric with a bit of body (I used Dupion Silk. One thing I didn't like about the top pattern was the underskirt not actually closing at the back. So I extended the back of the underskirt and inserted an open ended zip, that way I didn't feel that if there was a strong gust of wind the whole world would see my knickers.

  2. I love the Vintage Vogue pattern but it does look like it needs a fabric with a bit of weight and body. I think for the crepe, I would choose the McCall's.

  3. I Love the top pattern. I have it too and want to make it in crepe. It is so stylish and the way it wraps around to create the gorgeous dress. Vintage Vogue gets my vote

  4. Hi! I would say do the first one!!! know? I TRYED to do the first one but I got confussed about how to do the "thing" in the waist, I sewed in navy blue, I hope you do it and then you can explain me how to sew that thing I didn't know how to do (my native language is not english and the instructions are just in english)