Monday, January 6, 2014

The New Years Update

Here I am again checking in for the new year, seems to be the time that I remember this blog exists. The time I swear again and again that I will keep this more updated and post my projects. It is as unlikely this time as any other but I do set out in earnest to do so. Who knows now that I have a laptop and can do so from the comfort of my own bed it may be more likely to happen.

Rather than attempting to catch up on projects – which is something I may do at some point I am thinking this year to just try and move forward and update as I go on each project I am completing. First up for 2014 is 5 skirts that are in all ways identical bar the pattern of the fabric. I made a couple mid last year for my trip to Italy and I loved them (iron free rayon is worth all the slippery slidey issues in the sewing stages). I also have a multitude of more major projects to get through – in fact stash mountain has been estimated now to hold over 400m of fabric.

I know this because last year I had the brainwave to clear it up a little. I got all my fabric and packed it into individual bags labeled with a type and size for easy reference. To be fair it took a long time to do but it saved me a lot of space and has made it easier to scroll through what I have in the draws…. Cupboard…. Boxs…. And shelving. The only material I did not bag was the stuff that was bought in a spotlight sell out on the bolt – they live in my cupboard. So whilst I know I have a LOT of velveteen in green and brown I am unsure how much in reality that is. I have decided that the next step is to photograph each bag so I can just scroll through the pics on my computer rather than in person but who knows when that will happen.

I still have to finish my pattern catalogue – which will require me to scan the front of every pattern and import the picture with all the details (already in a spreadsheet) for all 300+ patterns I own. I can then print out these pages and put them in a binder. I figured this would be helpful because a lot of my patterns are vintage (dating back to 1930’s) and therefore the paper is a little tender and the continual flicking through to try and find what pattern I want to use is taking its toll.

This brings me to a question – how do others store there patterns? Mine are currently (and painstakingly) placed in zip lock bags (I know its like an addiction to put everything I own into a its own little baggie). I order them simply as to their date of issue (either by finding it on the pattern, on vintage pattern wiki or by guessing based on style if neither of these work) and I have boxes for 30’s and 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s – modern. On top of that I also have boxes for costumes, fantasy costumes (yes I have enough that they warranted there own box), and historical costumes. Every one of the 7 boxes is bulging and I am thinking it may be the right time to find some other solution to my storage problem.

Last night I went about cleaning and tidying the hovel that is my sewing storage room (not really a sewing room since I sew in the lounge room and just use this room to pile all my sewing junk) and came to a sad but true conclusion. I won’t be able to make most of the patterns I own – not ever. Yet I can’t bare to part with them. Even the ones I don’t like that much anymore, have never made and are sized for a 10 year old. (apparently people used to be really really small). Still I hoard my precious patterns for Justin (just in case). Given the number and age I would say I have well over $1000 sitting in patterns that will never be used. Oh well it isn’t like this is not the way my mother raised me, hording of sewing stuff is in my blood.

In anycase I now hereby officially anounce the 2014 Stash Mountain Blitzkreig. It will be lasting for a full 2 months ending on Feb 2nd with a meterage goal of 50m. Wish me luck.

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