Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas is in the air

So the christmas fabric at spotlight has finally gone on sale and Ange and I are now able to plan our christmas outfits, mostly for the christmas eve party but I guess I will wear mine christmas day as well because hey why not.

I have to say though that christmas fabric is a real rip off, its printed poplin or voille at best and they charge up to $18 a meter for it. Can anyone say Grinch!!!. So anyway weeks ago I found this fabric in Spotlight that is perfect for a christmas Ange which basically means it has a christmas theme and cats. Or as Ange will call them "KITTIES!!!!!!".

I also found the fabric I want which is a more subdued and more voille feeling off white and red and brown robin print, but I did not get a picture of that one so you will have to wait till tomorrow at the earliest and probebly longer cause well thats seems to have been the trend. I will be collecting the material tonight.

I can however say that I plan on using this pattern to make mine.

So there you have it Anges Fabric, my pattern and a suprise for both when we get them finished. Wow only a week to go.

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