Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pretty Pattern Shop

I have to make this post in support of some of the best customer service I have recieved in a long time.

Last night (Australian time) at about 5:30pm I bought 4 patterns from the pretty pattern shop on etsy. This morning at about 9:00am I logged in to find a note from the seller.

"Hello! Thanks so much for your order from my shop! Just wanted to let you know that your pretty vintage patterns shipped out this morning. I tucked in an extra pattern that I hope you will like as a thank you for your large order. I hope your patterns arrive quickly and that you love them!"

My "large" order was 4 patterns. This seller has shipped out mere hours after my order and given me a freebie... what more could I possibly ask for.

The prices (if you check the link) are more than reasonable in todays vintage pattern market, and whilst there is not a huge variety of stock it appears well described and photographed.

The pretty pattern shop comes highly recommended by me.

Now onto the patterns.

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