Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am now a Shearer

I just got back from my lunch break at Lincraft, I went alone, with no one to stop me, Bad idea for my bank account.

$82AUD later I have new shinies.

I got pinking shears - that really was what I went there for. I figure it may be an easier way to finish off my seam edges where I can't (or didn't) french. I also got bias tape to finish off a hem tonight - which will finish an entire dress off, 2 spools of thread - massive ones in black and in white, as I rarely bother to match thread to fabric unless absolutely necessary... some colours are just to dark for white to light for black but not many. I also got a new set of scissors as the ones I am using have gotten too blunt for some of my heavier fabrics and 4 cards of buttons. 2 for a shirt I am making and 2 for a dress which will be my next project.

So far at the halfway mark of stash busting my tally stands thus.

Onsie and Skirt - complete - used about 2m on the onsie and about 3m on the skirt
halter Dress - Complete - used about 4m
Pretty Dress - has some issues almost done used about 4m
Pretty Petticoat - needs internals hand finished - used about 3.5m
Blue Dress - needs hemming - used about 4m
1940's outfit - needs zip in skirt that does not fit me :( - used 5.5m
Mushroom Skirt - complete - used about 2m


The sad part is the stash is 28m lighter but does not look any smaller. Cloth mountain is trying to prove that it is unconquerable.

I know that is a long list of posts I need to get up, but really I shouldn't post about them until I have completed them, at least that is what I think. The completed ones have posts, except the mushroom skirt, as I am going to make a blouse to match (that's what some of those buttons are for)

Well Ange is coming over tonight and we will be working on completing these incomplete's as fast as possible.

Hopefully made faster with the help of pinking shears.

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