Friday, June 18, 2010

The Workwear Project

Recently (as I am want to do at intervals) I went a little crazy on Etsy. I mean 20 new sewing items including 18 new patterns crazy, but what can I say the AUD$ was strong. The large bulk of these purchases were 1940's patterns, a couple of 50's, a couple of 60's and 70's and one or two 30's but over half were 40's patterns.

I probably should explain the 1940's interest, since I started on the 1950's silhouette, it seems strange to move back to the less "pretty" more practical 1940's patterns, but I bought and made a 1940's retro reproduction pattern from butterick, and I found that besides being able to make the pattern in less than half the normal material requirement of the 1950's patterns, the silhouette was feminine without being "girly", flattering without the poof, and suddenly the 40's seemed to be my era, and collecting of the patterns begun. Though sometimes I wish it was the 70's I loved as the patterns are not only cheaper but more readily available.

In any case, I received the 18 or so patterns from various sellers, raided the fabric stash that at present I will call cloth mountain, and decided to start with the making of Hollywood pattern 1268. I forgot to look for it's print date before I left home this morning, and the wiki, has not got it listed (though funny on wiki the blue outfit is green weird).

Now for an Etsy Review - this pattern was bought from Vessangel. Service was fast and efficient, in total I bought 4 patterns off her and they came in plastic sleeves with cardboard backing to keep them in good condition despite the travel an the price was reasonable.

The pattern consists of a jerkin with waist slashes, a blouse with a bit neck bow and a box pleated skirt.... and I love box pleats. The picture is of the actual pattern i have, so at size 18 it is my measurements almost to a tee. Bonus no resizing needed.

My thoughts were that this would be a great pattern to wear to work and I had all the required materials. White cotton for the shirt, I have 75m of this (long story involving toga's.) so any project that can help soak up some of that slack is ok by my hubbies standards, the Jerkin could be the left over black cotton sateen from a project last year (7m of it was left over but I traded out 3.5 to Ange and made a shift with the rest, so the 1.5m left over was perfect for this jerkin) and for the skirt (and little belt likely) I could use a plaid I bought a heap of (no idea how much but it is 150cm bolt about 1.5inch radius of material and I got it all for $15) which is a black/white/cream/bone combo.

This post actually comes a little late as I have just about completed the jerkin, however I won't put up any pictures until the whole thing is complete... maybe a couple of weeks. I am trying to take my time and do things right for a change, which isn't easy with a perforated pattern.

Wish me luck


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