Friday, June 18, 2010

a bit about me

Hello I am Ange. I, Like Hef, like vintage stuff and sewing.

So let me tell you of the beginning of this. In the beginning there was costumes. This was what Hef started sewing because buying them is very expensive it's much better to make costumes if they are going to be individual. So she would supply all her friends with costumes also and she would want other people to sew their own rightly so, and so I started sewing. Costumes was very much Hef's passion and I was like sure if you want to teach me then I don't mind.

Then one day we went to a party and Hef wore her vintage dress she had just bought from the vintage fair. It was a 40s woolen dress that made her hourglass figure that she has stand out amazingly. She had her hair in victory rolls and I went "Wow. Want." So I started researching.

I found a free pattern online for a 50s dress and started using all the sewing knowledge she had given me to make the dress. I didn't let her know just incase I failed terribly. I also wanted to see if I had the knowledge to do it all on my own. I did! and that was my first dress.

Since then Hef and I have joined forces and have a whole tonne of patterns between us as well as dresses. We have also branched out from 30s to 70s. My loves are more 50s and 70s and sometimes 60s as well but sometimes you'll find a nice dress in another era and it will be good.

I now have a good stash of material and I want to make a coat and gloves and a scarf cause we are in winter and all.

My latest is a 50s dress that is in the making is a winter long sleeve green in a stretch that looks a little like linnen. It will have a cape over the top in a grey wool lined in the green and I want to make a scarf and gloves out of the grey.

I also have plans for a black coat which I have started tracing.

Pictures to come.

So that's me and my history.

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