Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FA Meeting

Hi, my name is Hef and I'm a faric-holic.

I have more fabric than a small fabric shop. Buckets and Boxes and Piles of fabric abound my 'sewing' Room. Folded, on Rolls, scrunched into bags, some cut out ready to make something that I have just given up on.... I am surrounded by it, but I can't stop myself from buying more.

I have about 10 shades of black in cotton varieties - from poplin to sateen, not to mention the 75m of white poplin. I have stripes, spots, bugs, checks and plaids. I have reds, greens, pinks, purples, browns, greens.... I even have some strange silver stuff thats kinda shiny/wet looking, 7m of it, and I have no idea why I bought it, it really isn't me.

So in an effort to save my marriage, sanity and money - I will be swearing off buying any fabric for the months of August through to Novemeber. My fabric hording partner if crime, Ange will be joining me in this cold turkey attempt to cure a truely horrible addiction.


1. We will not buy any new fabric between the 1st of August and the 31st October. (though swapping amongst ourselves and others is fine, just can't hand over cash)
2. we will not buy any new patterns between the 1st of August and the 31st October (again we can raid/borrow from each other or from any other kind sewer)
3. gifts need not be knocked back - and if the gift is a certificate to a fabric store then "new" fabric can be acquired.
4. records will be kept of the meterage we manage to clear out of our stashes, as a reminder as to why we should not hoard.
5. yum cha may still be had at cabramatta if we think we are strong enought to just say no.
6. a photo of the stash will be added for the beginning of the challange.
7. any item completed will be blogged with an indication of how long the stash fabric has been laying around.

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  1. Good luck. I'm barely a sewer and I have drawers full of fabric.