Monday, July 30, 2018

Epic UFO Clean.

The back room at our house functions as both an office for my husband and the storage facility for all our crap; nik-naks and collectibles, books, old trophies, my now diminished costume collection and of cause all the sewing stuff and stash mountain.

We have been trying to consolidate the mass of hoarding that the room contains and will periodically bring out a box or two and clean through it slowly culling what we have.  Among these now lives the UFO box.

To be honest I don't even know why half finished projects are called UFO's or why some of my costumes (looking at you Elizabethan) are technically still UFO (Looking at you hems) but sufficed to say there is a lot of unfinished work.  Even to the point that sometimes in these clean outs I just decide that I don't want to ever finish that project and put it in the bin.  So I think as I work though being more precise of my work and finalising things to a higher standard that I need to also clear out this bucket.

Probably the next job I have is the Hem of the underskirt on my Elizabethan as mentioned above and hopefully refitting the shoulders (they fitted when first done but as the stuffed shoulder rolls were added the weight became to much).  I also think it may be worthwhile getting a carriage pleat going on the back of the dress but then there is the issue of me not knowing how to carriage pleat lol.  The fun bit about all this is that I have worn the dress about 5 times in its existence even with these issues.

I have a fully cut out black velveteen Victorian frock coat for my husband.  Again a decade old project that dates back to the great Victorian nightmare.  I have a dress with some embroidery done on the belt and yoke but sleeves still to be added and more embroidery to finish.  This dress predates even the Victorian stuff and I no longer play the character in the game that it relates to but should get it done regardless.

A 50's dress that was begun about 6 years ago minimum for a friend of mine sits requiring sleeves, hem and yoke.  A dress finished but with a broken zip, shorts without a waistband, you name it I have it half done and waiting for my interest.

I could put together a list but sometimes its just fun finding them occasionally and realising they may come in handy.

Take for example the petticoat TV170.  I cut the pieces and had them all overlocked in the Victorian nightmare and never got any further.  Originally one of my friends was going to wear it but with all the other stuff I was making it sat unfinished.  I pulled it out about 5 years later and added the lace trim to the bottom ruffle.  Then again it sat for years until this month I looked at the Victorian I had made for high tea and thought a petticoat would really help this.  Last night it reached its final hurrah.

Who knows whats up next once I finish this Victorian but I am sure it will be fun :)

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